VIDAGENCY ALLY: The Best Video Client Getting Training Coupled with Powerful Acquisition and CRM Software

Get Ready to Help Your Subscribers Finally Land Long-term Agency Clients Both Offline and Online

Launching July 19th - 10am EST

It only takes a quick survey to your list to know that subscribers are dying for serious training and solid software to help them get clients for their agency business.

Video creators, graphics apps, and reseller tools have been by far the top selling types of products over the last two years.

Now, buyers are ready for real solid training and easy-to-use software that helps them not just prospect potential clients, but work with them long-term and run a real agency that pays each month!

That’s Where VidAgencyAlly Comes In!

Not only are buyers getting access to proven blueprints to bypass gatekeepers, close businesses offline and online, structure offers, and run a real video agency…

they’re also getting a solid software to quickly find optimal clients and manage them and projects right in the app!

VidAgency Ally is Way More than Another Prospecter Tool! It's comprised of two parts:

VidAgency Ally Systems -
Video Client Getting Strategies

In this step-by-step customized HD video training, users will get simple but effective strategies to land clients online and offline for their video or agency services from scratch in 20+ videos.

Plus, how to correctly serve those clients and lock them in longterm to build a real business.

A few things buyers will learn include…

  • How to bypass “gatekeepers” like receptionists quickly and speak to the decision makers in any local business
  • Ways to get high-paying clients from freelancer sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and more
  • Strategies to get clients from Craigslist, Google Local, Facebook Groups, Twitter, Facebook PPC, LinkedIn
  • The positioning strategy that helps you command top dollar prices with minimal clients to sustain a long-term agency
  • Instead of bombarding businesses with copy/paste solicitation emails, you’ll see how to make business owners scramble to get to YOU by providing massive value upfront
  • How to structure your agency funnel and services to make serious money, but still close clients
  • What types of clients and niches work best today to sell video services to
  • A strategic referral strategy that generates clients for you guaranteed
  • The RIGHT way to quickly and cheaply set up an agency site and portfolio that sells for you
  • How to close clients on calls and handle the "how much does it cost?" question effectively
  • Ways to start making money quickly to grow your agency, even if you an expert at providing any marketing services

VidAgency Ally Cloud-based Software

Plus, buyers will get an all-in-one app to that prospects, closes and manages video clients for serious agencies.

Check Out How it Works:

A Few of the Amazing Features

Users Will Get Include:

Prospect Clients through Google, Facebook, and Yellow Pages

Find the best local business leads in any location from Google, Facebook, or Yellow pages in seconds. See important data like address, email, website, star ratings, and far more.

Detailed Lead Opportunity Finder

In one click, see where your leads need marketing help the most. View data like if the lead is using video marketing, if they have SSL integrated, using Wordpress, mobile friendly. Plus, view how much traffic their site is getting, any social networks they’re set-up on, website load speed, and way more.

Instant Site Health Audit Reports

Just paste in your lead’s URL and quickly generate a great looking“site-audit” report you can charge for or give away for free to your potential client. It includes any issues their site has, overall SEO health, and how competitors are beating them.

CRM Dashboard Manage Opportunities and Projects

Add any lead to your CRM tab to and manage them from lead to longterm client. Keep track of solid opportunities you find, products you’re working on, and clients they relate to all in one easy-to-use place.

Built-in Client Calendar

If you’re serious about running a full-time profitable agency business you need to keep detailed track of when projects are due, meetings with new leads, and more which can all be done with the built-in calendar system.

Built-in Mobile Optimization Analysis

Quickly see if a prospect’s site is mobile friendly, how fast it loads, and even what it looks like on mobile right within VidAgency Ally.

1-Click Email Contacts with Custom Templates

VidAgency Ally will find the email addresses of local client leads and allow you to email them from right inside the app with your own custom-made templates.

and more!

The end user will get both the training and all the features on the frontend guaranteeing them results and a great experience if they just put in a little effort.

Strategic Funnel:

Front End:

VidAgencyAlly - $27.97 (at earlybird)

Users will get all the features plus client-getting training to have massive success.


VidAgency Ally Platinum - $47.97

Users can unlock more search results, find clients word-wide, and manage more clients. Also, comes with Agency website, team license and special login, outsourcer growth materials, and even more.


VidAgency Ally Resellers Program - $97.97

A DFY resellers setup to version 1.0 of VidAgency Ally which includes coupon codes, selling material, and more.


SyndRanker Pro Commercial Special - $47.97

A great and still updated alternative to OnlyWire for content and social syndication by the same developer as VidAgency Ally. Buyers will get Commercial access to run campaigns for their clients they find with VidAgency Ally


Agency Reseller Materials Collection - $27.97

A gigantic collection of DFY videos, images, stock clips, and more to use for client projects or to resell.

10K in Prizes to Be Given Away:

Overall Contest Includes:

Plus webinar, mid, and closing contests.

More Reason to Promote:

  • Red Hot Angle - As stated, buyers seriously want to be able to get paid with the video creator and other reseller/agency license apps they’ve gotten access to...
  • Attention to Detail and Track Record - Having had multiple 6 figure launches already, you can be assured of high EPCs, split-testing, backup pages, sever checkers, and more.
  • Retargeting with Split-Tests Throughout the Launch - Traffic will be used very efficiently by doing retargeting with naked links throughout the entire launch.
  • Fair Contest - We want everyone to succeed and level the playing field no matter if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned marketer.
  • Future Support and Updates - The app will be built-out over the coming months with new features and requests users put in.

Massive reciprocation TO PARTNERS

We’ve been crushing leaderboards for our partners so expect massive reciprocation on this launch.

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